Beautiful bobcat photographed in El Sereno’s Ascot Hills Park

Oct 23, 2018
bobcat ascot hills park el sereno

Photo by Pedro Ramirez

El Sereno  — Earlier this year we wrote about bobcat sightings at Ascot Hills Park. Today we can share a photo of a bobcat that was taken last week by Pedro Ramirez, a bird walk leader with the Audubon Center of Debs Park.

The bobcat was photographed near the northern stretch of a seasonal creek that runs down the center of the park, about 20 feet away from a trail, said Jamie Chen, a landscape architect with Northeast Trees, which is restoring habitat in the approximately 93-acre park.

In an interview earlier this year, Miguel Ordeñana, an urban wildlife expert at the Natural History Museum, said the Los Angeles is the perfect area for bobcats because of all the available food resources and wide range of mobility.

“People shouldn’t fear the bobcats since they’re mostly hunting for smaller prey and hide during the day away from people,” he said.

Ascot Hills Park is currently denuded, under utilized, overrun by weeds, and prone to erosion, said Chen. Her group’s habitat restoration — which includes tree plantings, swales to collect stormwater —  will help restore the native flora of the park and also attract native fauna.

“We are excited by the evidence that our habitat restoration project has encouraged the bobcat to stay,” Chen said in an email.

Ascot Hills Park rises above the homes of El Sereno

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