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Nov 18, 2012
I could have called this post “Tail o’ the Pup”, but that’s already taken.  We spent a good part of yesterday looking for a puppy.  We went to three Humane Societies that were spread throughout the San Gabriel Valley.  We’re being a bit picky since we’re looking for a pup that will be smaller than Larry and will be comfortable with our lifestyle.  And we’re waiting for the chemistry to be right for all.
We are used to having a dog as part of our family and are feeling ready to find a new pup to fill that role.  Or more accurately for me, to fill that hole.
James grew up in household that had Basenjis.  They had official AKC names; one of which included the name Watisi Bird – she was the runt of a “W” litter.  Yesterday he also shared that he learned about dogs via 4H Clubs.  He learned about their specifics, their needs, and how to “show” them.
I grew up in household that was full of dog lore.  There’s a picture of my dad as a 15 year old, with an unnamed dog.  I heard tales of Shorty and Rex, my dad’s dogs.   I also heard  about my mom’s dog, Michael.  My Aunt Martha and Uncle Pancho, who lived in the back house,  had their cocker’s King and Queenie.  Dogs were just a regular part of a family.
The first dog I remember in our family is Michelle.  I clearly can imagine my mom’s voice being active in the naming of the pup.  From this part of my life I’m betting that Michelle was the result of a Wired Fox Terrier and some other non-specific breed enjoying each other’s company.  She was elegant and a teeny bit reserved.

East L.A., 1960(?), photo – Pete Martinez
I don’t remember how Michael – note naming pattern – came to be with us, but that sweetie was a natural addition.  You can see a bit of their personalities in this picture taken on our front porch.  I believe it was their only formal portrait.

I don’t know who will be the next in the long line of pups in our family, but as soon as we find him or her, we’ll let you know.  The journey continues.

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