Looks we’ve been adopted

Jun 13, 2012
He started as a feral and looked this side of starving.  
Larry thought he had the right credentials so he let him  hang around.  Leia figures he’s okay – for a cat.  After all, he’s not Larry, who has the heart of a dog in a cat’s skin.  Perhaps Leia knows Larry’s exceptional.  
In any case we humans have taken to calling him “Fred”. 
He has taken to thinking of this place as home.  Yes, the pictures are presented in sequence taken.  
 Looks weve been adopted  photo
 Our futon, complete with curtain, burlap, and last Sundays’ paper seems to be Fred’s bed.
 Looks weve been adopted  photo
We can go away now, he’s ready to nap.  Thank you.
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