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Mar 12, 2014
There are a couple of days during the year when I find it easiest to write. Any day that is connected to my family and those days that are set commemorate events or organizations that have had a deep and positive impact on my life.  
Today I celebrate Girl Scouts birthday.  
When I was little I probably looked a bit like the little girl in the photo.  I still have my Brownie uniform.  Being a Scout in the 50s was about being comfortable with learning about living in America and being a part of an organization that appreciated the cultures of the world.  International Day was meant to explore the latter.

Mixed in with proficiency badges, sit-upons, s’mores, and square knots was the idea that all of the girls in the troop could develop leadership skills.   Apparently this is still a part of the scouting experience, although it is approached from a more contemporary approach.  
Girl Scouts working with have produced a series of PSAs with Jane Lynch, Jennifer Garner, Condoleezza Rice, Sheryl Sandberg, Diane Von Fustenberg, and Beyonce that share this message.  
Girl Scouts’ CEO, Anna Maria Chavez, shares lots about the benefits from being in Scouts and her own experience that led her to current position.  She is among those featured in the series Makers: Women Who Make America.  
All images are from the Girl Scouts Facebook page

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