Gracias, Vroman’s

Jan 26, 2013

Yesterday I joined about thousand folks in line for a book signing.  For the quick read – readers.
I was in line for close to two hours and met Justice Sotomayor twice.  Books were given to two special young women in my life, two more are ready to be sent to Oregon and a fifth will remain here at the house.  Meeting Justice Sotomayor was well worth the wait.

 Gracias, Vromans  photo
I’m going to Vroman’s again today.  I’ll hear Luis Alberto Urrea and buy his “Queen of America”.
I know I’ll be charmed by both.

5eec5de766 Urrea photo INTO THE BEAUTIFUL NORTH Gracias, Vromans  photo5eec5de766 9780316154871 Gracias, Vromans  photo
OH, what a lush literary feast awaits at Vroman’s.

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