The Leopard in the Land

Aug 11, 2014

1024px-MikmarOn August 12th, we will be showing The Leopard in the Land, a documentary about Joe Rohde’s month-long trip to Mongolia to support the endangered snow leopard.

Joe went to Mongolia last September to create paintings that could be sold to raise money for snow leopard conservation, but ended up doing and learning far more (like making a movie about it with his traveling companion, Jim McEachen).

Snow leopards should not disappear. We don’t know what we do when we remove an animal from the land. What does the land become, without the spirit and actions of its highest predator? What unpredictable cascades of change follow the demise of the leopard? And what loss of meaning? Without the snow leopard, and the knitted systems of life that support it, what are the Altai mountains but silent rocks?

I’m an artist. So, I’ll paint for the wild. This time, for snow leopards, because they still have a shot. According to data from the Snow Leopard Conservancy, there’s a fair number of them in the Altai mountains of Mongolia. If that Mongolian population of snow leopards could be preserved, perhaps depleted areas in other areas might one day be replenished, one day when it’s safe for the elusive, tragic creatures to return. Until then, let’s just keep’em alive. (




To date, the project has raised over $40,000, and they have entered the film in festivals around the country.

The Leopard in the Land is about 50 minutes long and Joe will have a question and answer session following the screening.

Please come if you can, bring family, tell friends, and forward this to anyone who might be interested, and join us!




The Leopard in the Land Screening
Tuesday, August 12th, 7:30 p.m.
Flintridge Prep Theater, 4543 Crown Avenue, La Cañada 91011.
Free event
Parking: open parking lot across from campus
Entrance: Norris Auditorium on the left






Photo, top right, by Rodney Jackson (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

All other photos courtesy of Joe Rohde



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