The Koi Sale of All Koi Sales

Feb 14, 2009

The Koi windows always display fun tableaux.

We stopped by Koi the other day, in search of a particular purse. No luck with the purse, but wow! The current sale is the best one they’ve ever had. We saw racks and racks and racks of fabulous stuff, all marked down, some two and three times; we spied dress-up tops for $20, hip jackets for $70, and adorable shoes for $60. It’s an open-ended sale, but of course the good stuff will go, so get there as soon as you can and get yourself a well-deserved Valentine. 

1007 Fair Oaks Ave., South Pasadena

1 Response for “The Koi Sale of All Koi Sales”

  1. Ann Erdman says:

    I still need to make a date to explore South Pasadena. This little gem of a shop is on my list.



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