Jul 22, 2014

beatniksIt’s being called an “Art Action.”

SparkleBlob is the creation of Julianna Parr and is characterized as an arts and performance collective. On Saturday, August 2nd, they are having a full day of art exhibitions, an auction, live music, a DJ, food, and “artsy carnival games…and a fabulous live show at 8 p.m.”

Jason Myers plays percussion guitar, the ukulele, banjo, lap steel guitar, and the cuarto, performing “everything from jazz and popular music, zydeco, African highlife, (and) Hawaiian, to funk and soul” (MyersManiaMusic). While being serenaded by Myers’ melodies, along with DJ Yacht’s rock favorites, there will be a bingo bonanza, a ring toss of agility, a temporary tattoo parlor, and activities called “Daring Duck Pond,” and “Lollipop Pyramid of Mystery.” Also, someone called “The Art Wizard” will be a special guest, as will DocuMART™.

DocuMART™ (also co-founded by Julianna Parr) is actually a fantastic art installation project (so setting up the installation as a paperwork processing “office” in various locations) that makes “processing paperwork” a guise for social commentary about the role of bureaucracy in determining not just people’s fates, but their identities as individuals and human beings. It also (as all SparkleBlob projects do) comes with a large dollop of humor in rather joyfully highlighting the absurdities of bureaucracy as it relates to “real” human beings. (Roz Helfand, 6-year SparkleBob performer)

Proceeds from this year’s auction will benefit SparkleBlob’s programs such as the holiday one-of-a-kind musical puppet show that “carries some social and political satire, delivered with heaping spoonfuls of sugar…but underneath all the silliness are themes that hint at something more serious—a message about family and community” (KCRW, Avishay Artsy, 2012).

Another program is the weekly CraftNight that aims “to bring forth the unrealized artistic talents of the greater public” and Gothtober, which is in its 11th year and features a new work by a different artist everyday during the month of October. On the physical side, SparkleBlob organizes bicycle adventures such as the Midnight Ridazz “Nerd Ride” and a bicycling caroling tour that are touted as being easy, engaging, exciting, and “always packed with strange and fantastic information.”

Auction items are already available and may be viewed and bid upon at Bidding Owl.

Hayden's Work Being Bitten Apart by Tamara Hattis

Hayden’s Work Being Bitten Apart by Tamara Hattis


SparkleBlob: “Being intensively creative with friends.”

SparkleBlob: “We’re strange and we’re all right.”


SparkleBlob Art Action
Saturday, August 2nd, 2-9 p.m.
2 p.m.: Art Exhibition & Auction Opens & Live Music!
4 p.m.: The Artsy Carnival Games Begin!
8 p.m.: A Live Show with SparkleBlob Troupe Performances & The Closing of the Auction
305 S. Hudson Ave., Pasadena 91101
Hosted by Town Square Real Estate
Free event
Details at & event Facebook page


More auction items:

Snail by Christine Nockels

Snail by Christine Nockels


One of four designs in Holiday card set by SparkleBlob founder Julianna Parr

One of four designs in Holiday card set by SparkleBlob founder Julianna Parr


Koko, print by Nancy Jean Tucker

Koko, print by Nancy Jean Tucker

(Thanks to Roz Helfand) To help explain, here’s a further blurb about DocuMart from a past installation:
DocuMART™ focuses on citizenship, marriage equality, freedom, governance and, humanization of the individual. Bridging the gap between standard paperwork procedures and the essence of humanity, our office processes and matriculates people into a system.
Here are some of the “products” created when you visit the installation:
Types of documentation offered by DocuMART™:• American Citizen identification card (as opposed to a United States identification card, the American Citizen identification card attests that the bearer was born in the Americas, and is free to travel anywhere in North or South America)• Human person identification Card (we expect the majority of our customers to be human)

• Marriage certificates (unrestricted)

• Passaporta, which:
Allows travel to all countries in one convenient document, 
Allows travel to countries that do not exist,
Allows non-geographic travel: transitions and passages in states of mind, attitudes, and paradigms

• Geographical range identification card (similar to the seasonal illustrations found in bird books)





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