Roundabout Shame

Feb 6, 2009

I love Pasadena, I really do. But when I drive down Glenarm or El Molino, I am embarrassed for our city. Who thought up these no-doubt-expensive, half-assed roundabouts? Have these people never traveled to the many places around the world that have roundabouts? Do they not understand the whole point of them — which is to keep traffic flowing and minimize starts-and-stops? Apparently not. We are cursed with roundabouts with stop signs, which completely cancel out the purpose of a roundabout.

Coming to a full stop at the El Molino roundabout.

Coming to a full stop at the El Molino roundabout.

Please, Pasadena, take those Stop signs out and replace them with Yield signs. The less we stop at Stop signs, the less fuel we burn, and the less we attack the atmosphere. And the less foolish we look.

4 Responses for “Roundabout Shame”

  1. CDB: True, those signs make no sense. Yet, w or w/o the Stop signs, those roundabouts are an improvement! Maybe city budget problems have delayed the replacement of the signage(?)

  2. Ann Erdman says:

    You’re not alone in objecting to the traffic circles! By the same token, there are other drivers who don’t mind them at all.

    There are two on Glenarm — a third was removed because it backed traffic up to the freeway and to the grade crossing for the Metro Gold Line.

    Glenarm used to be a big speeders’ paradise, which became a big problem for the residential neighborhoods on both sides of the street. The traffic circles were installed to slow speeders down and discourage traffic in the area.

  3. colleen says:

    I actually love traffic circles! I’ve had a lot of experience driving around/through them in Europe, and they help keep traffic moving safely. What I object to is STOP SIGNS at the traffic circles. That’s why they are circles– so the cars flow in and yield but do not come to a complete stop. Pasadena’s roundabouts are good– just replace the stop signs with yield signs and have people learn how to drive them properly.
    One of the simplest things we can do to reduce carbon emissions is have fewer stop signs.
    That’s my rant for the day.

  4. Manuel says:

    I had to look this crazy local roundabout design 8 years after this post. I’m just perplexed at why would Pasadena place a roundabout with stop signs? I’ve traveled quite a bit and I’m dumbstruck as to why would the DOT defeat the whole purpose of a roundabout and decided to make this a traffic circle? I could only imagine what tourists must be thinking when visiting our country. LOL



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