Ready to March

Dec 29, 2009

marching band guatemala guys 630x455 Ready to March Rose Parade marching band guatemala  photoWe aren’t crazy about every aspect of the Rose Parade — as the parents of teenage daughters, for instance, we’re a little disturbed by the message that the Rose Princess thing sends out. And while the floats are astonishing displays of technical and floral accomplishment, the more corporate ones are, well, a little too corporate.

But oh, the marching bands! They are pure joy — young people from around country and the world playing and marching and twirling and showing off for an audience of millions. And the fun has already started: From our house on the east flank of the Rose Bowl we can hear the practicing. Today on a dog walk around the Rose Bowl we spied a marching band from Guatemala, and you’ve never seen a handsomer, happier group of young people in your life. It does the heart good to see such a thing. Look for them on Friday, in very snappy white, red and blue uniforms.

marching band drums 630x410 Ready to March Rose Parade marching band guatemala  photo

The drums rest up before the big day

parade jester guatemala Ready to March Rose Parade marching band guatemala  photo

Doesn't everyone run into jesters on their dog walks?

2 Responses for “Ready to March”

  1. Petrea says:

    They do look thrilled, and that’s part of the fun–the people from all over the world who love coming here for this moment. We’re glad to have them.

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