Ready to March

Dec 29, 2009

We aren’t crazy about every aspect of the Rose Parade — as the parents of teenage daughters, for instance, we’re a little disturbed by the message that the Rose Princess thing sends out. And while the floats are astonishing displays of technical and floral accomplishment, the more corporate ones are, well, a little too corporate.

But oh, the marching bands! They are pure joy — young people from around country and the world playing and marching and twirling and showing off for an audience of millions. And the fun has already started: From our house on the east flank of the Rose Bowl we can hear the practicing. Today on a dog walk around the Rose Bowl we spied a marching band from Guatemala, and you’ve never seen a handsomer, happier group of young people in your life. It does the heart good to see such a thing. Look for them on Friday, in very snappy white, red and blue uniforms.

The drums rest up before the big day

Doesn't everyone run into jesters on their dog walks?

2 Responses for “Ready to March”

  1. Petrea says:

    They do look thrilled, and that’s part of the fun–the people from all over the world who love coming here for this moment. We’re glad to have them.

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