Play Music on the Porch Day

Aug 25, 2015

10369082_10152273349271976_7768347429026371154_oAugust 29th is Play Music on the Porch Day. Worldwide. How many porches is that?

Will yours be one?

Highland Park artist Brian Mallman founded Play Music on the Porch Day in 2014. We’ll let him “speak” for his event:

Throughout history, it has been common to hear live music played on porches, as well as in yards or on street corners. Musicians simply surround themselves with friends and family to sing and play instruments. Sadly, this tradition is being lost as more people only experience music as passive entertainment.

The idea was simple. People were asked to step outside and make music–any form of music of their choosing.




The idea took off. Pictures and videos quickly came in from around the world. This year, Play Music on the Porch Day is reaching out to invite participation from across the globe. Participation has already been confirmed in Los Angeles, Auburn, and Perris, CA; Oklahoma City, OK; Miami, FL; St. Louis, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Wheeling, WV; Tomar, Portugal; Melbourne, Australia; and Eslov, Sweden.

Play Music on the Porch Day reinstates music as inclusive, shared and participatory celebration of life.




Play Music on the Porch Day will start at 8 a.m. Western Standard Time, August 29 in Samoa and along the International Date Line (noon PST, Aug. 28) and end at 10 p.m., Samoa Standard Time on August 29 in American Samoa (2 a.m. PST, August 30).


Stephanie Turney helps spell it out; as found on PMOTPD Facebook page

Stephanie Turney helps spell it out; as found on PMOTPD Facebook page


The Band Kids will be participating in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Tanaman Dùl, a Brazilian-Irish band specializing in Irish and Celtic music will be joining—and playing—in Brasília, Brazil.

Weeds of Eden will be playing and supporting the event at Fountain Square, Indianapolis, while John Falsetto shared a video with PMOTPD and says he’ll be strumming and singing in London.




Rob Frame and Rachael Llynde will whip out their ukuleles on Saturday playing the Porch Gallery in Ojai, along with singer Taylor Luckenbach.

Tamp & Grind Coffee in Alexandria, Louisiana has a whole line-up scheduled for PMOTPD with an open mic and open jam afterwards, and it’s for all ages, starting at 5 p.m.—the kids’ll be staying up late, Ma.

To share photos and/or videos of your Play Music on the Porch Day…

TWITTER: @PlayMusic_Porch
Facebook: Playmusicontheporchday
Instagram: @playmusicontheporch


Tanaman Dúl

Tanaman Dúl; publicity photo


Photos of folks playing on the porch and Stephanie Turney’s map sourced from Play Music on the Porch Day Facebook page.



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