my little pony + my little drunken pony

Feb 5, 2009

Tomorrow is Delilah’s puppy class graduation, but she doesn’t exactly have a trick to perform, unless we frame that biting-pants thing as something special — but instructor Penny Scott-Fox (see Concierge) will be onto us in a flash. I think some of our rivals… oh, I mean classmates…  have got their little pups rolling over and shaking hands and such. So we’ve got a strategy that is sure to win the day for our girl:

Hubby and I dress up: suit and tie and fancy hat and heels — and that’s just Hubby! (rim shot please) — to distract our enemies… I mean our new puppy-owning pals… and we disorient their dogs with our loveliness. It is a graduation, after all: none of this California-casual nonsense.

Then, after completing all the sit/stay/down tests whilst attempting to throw all the other pups off their game, Delilah will rush out from behind the curtain — actually she’ll drag the curtain open with her teeth — and chase her giant black exercise ball across the stage for a rousing blue-ribbon game of fetch for the finale. Then we’ll all have tea and tea cakes whilst discussing Delilah’s exceptional future in the Circus of Scholarly Pups, whose foundation’s start we will announce that very evening!

Sorry. Off my head a bit there. The truth is, Penny Scott-Fox teaches an excellent five-week puppy class, as well as many more classes, from obedience to agility for dogs of all ages, and my twisted meanderings aside, it is fun and helpful. The other puppies are fabulous; and the best time is at the start of class, when the pups go off leash and tumble through the room getting to know and play with one another. Got yourself a puppy? Check it out. And if you have an older dog, she has classes for them, too.

My Little Pony


My Drunken Pony

My Drunken Pony

Finally, though I neglected to blog about it, the very lovely black pearl that we thought our darling girl bit off its gold chain during a cuddle (which we proceeded to search for in a manner best not described) has been found! Apparently, after biting it off the chain, she then spat it out, and I found it five days later under a shelf while retrieving a tennis ball she’d lost.  All’s well that ends well.

Oh, and for those who may be wondering, yes, there is a love interest in the puppy class. Portfolio, Portfolio, wherefore art thou Portfolio? Elegant, reserved, but witty — and a real thinker, that one. I think he’s an Italian Greyhound, but I’ll correct myself next time if I’m wrong. I believe our Delilah has her eye on him. He’s the type to swoon for, he just is.  And yes, I’m aware I’ve got a little bit of a Jane Austen thing going today: tea cakes, swooning… maybe it’s the cool weather and gray skies, or maybe I’m just off my rocker.

Till next time.

— Jill Ganon

1 Response for “my little pony + my little drunken pony”

  1. Jill Ganon says:

    Your comment was passed along to me, and I thank you.
    Now, at four-years-old:
    She’s a blast
    She’s wildly fast
    She’s sweeter and more clever
    than I might ever
    have forecast



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