Make Way for Geese

May 6, 2010

Thanks to our friend Robert Harmon for sharing this wonderful photo he snapped this morning, while leaving Rusnak Audi on Colorado Boulevard in Old Pasadena. Traffic stopped while the family (families?) made its way across the street. Looks like the kindergartners in front and the middle-schoolers in the back.

5 Responses for “Make Way for Geese”

  1. Great one! They must’ve finished visiting the Norton Simon & are now on their way to Central Park or the Huntington Gardens.
    At least there are some things drivers will still stop for.

  2. Stan McClain says:

    For the past 8-9 years, a pair of Canadian Geese have nested at Johnston Lake (San Rafael District) and have raised up to five goslings each year. In the spring as many as 30 geese will fly-in, but the two will always chase the others away. I somehow think that these “parents” at Rusnak, just might be born locally, and maybe at Johnston Lake.

    Throughout the year many ducks and geese migrate through and spend a few days with us. Every day has its own attribute.

    I’m not sure where these geese are hanging out at, but it will take another two to three months before they’re ready to fly. I hope they they stay safe while they “earn their wings.”

    Stan McClain

  3. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    Stan, what a wonderful story! The question is: Why the two batches of goslings, and who’s the third adult? Maybe Cafe Pasadena is right and they are not just art lovers but are hanging out in the Norton Simon ponds.

  4. Ann Erdman says:

    So orderly and well behaved! Did you see Mike’s post today?

  5. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    I had not seen his post, and thank you for reminding me to add that lovely blog to our blogroll!



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