Lance & Levi at the Rose Bowl

Feb 21, 2009

Just back from walking down to the Rose Bowl to watch the cyclists complete the Amgen Tour of California.

amgen3 Lance & Levi at the Rose Bowl Rose Bowl Lance Armstrong Amgen Tour 2009  photo

Lance Armstrong and his fellow Astana teammates protect impending winner Levi Leipheimer during their final stage at the Rose Bowl. Photo by Elizabeth Horton.

My neighbor Elizabeth shot this photo of the main pack. Lance Armstrong is in the blue and gold with the yellow-and-black helmet, second from the left. He and his colleagues were riding to protect winner Levi Leipheimer, who’s on the inside of the pack and not visible. The turnout for the five-lap finale was large and lively—lots of cowbells, lots of cheers, lots of goodwill.

5 Responses for “Lance & Levi at the Rose Bowl”

  1. Lance really looks like the oldest rider in this bunch. Maybe he should’ve stayed retired since he isn’t even gonna finish in the top 3.

  2. I love Elizabeth’s photo.

  3. colleen says:

    Speaking as a newly over-50 person, I say ride, Lance, ride!

  4. colleen says:

    You should see her photos from their recent trip to Argentina/Patagonia. Remarkable.

  5. You have nuttin to worry about, CDB, Lance is in his 30’s.



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