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Apr 5, 2012

After 18 years, you have survived. The mind-splitting college application process is over and your child has been accepted, made a choice, and is heading off into his next four years of advanced education…and an empty nest is about to become your reality.

What to do? Sleep in your child’s room, make him his favorite dinner even though he won’t be present to eat it, frame his old Little League jersey, pace back and forth, watch soap operas and reality TV for eight hours, pace some more, or opt for a complete meltdown?

Rebecca Bricker chose a different route. She headed to Italy, to Florence in particular, in an apartment on Via Tavanti to be exact. And through the novelty, the frustrations, the liaisons, the friendships, and the inspirations—for over a year— Bricker wrote. The product of this endeavor isTales From Tavanti: An American Woman’s Mid-Life Adventure in Italy.

“I’d lean over the railing of my apartment balcony in Florence—propped on my elbows—feeling very Italian, watching the drama of a three-act play unfold each day. The show below, on bustling Via Tavanti, never disappointed.”

Sometimes Italy felt like a maze, an enigma, a crazy-making life force all its own; from hearing “Madonna Mia!” when she asked the dry cleaner to have her scarf ready in three days (her comforter took three weeks) to learning that you can pay to have 4G for your cell phone or laptop—even though Italy isn’t set up for that system yet. Yes, you can pay—now—for something that’s not even available. But, hey, when Italy does get it (2014, 2020?), you’ll be set.

Despite a large learning curve, Bricker seems to have had the time of her life; adventures, misadventures, discoveries, and delights.

Now, Bricker is back home. Well, that statement needs an amendment. Bricker sold her house before she took flight and has now returned, but even she does not know for how long. Luckily for locals, she is sharing her book and travel knowledge while she figures out what to do next.

Distant Lands is hosting two events this month with Bricker at the helm: “Planning Your Dream Trip” and “Traveling LIGHT!”

“Planning Your Dream Trip” will tell you how to be realistic, stay within budget, and deal with the inevitable unexpected problems that arise; what resources exist for planning your adventure; and detail the highly acclaimed, but hardly ever heeded, pre-departure checklist.

“Traveling LIGHT!” is being touted as a “packing therapy session for those who can’t imagine traveling without six pairs of shoes and electric rollers.” This “cathartic” event will also include a few of Bricker’s “cheats.” Come along and find out what that means!

Distant Lands & Tales from Tavanti Author Rebecca Bricker—Evenings Designed to Encourage the Adventuress in You!
Planning Your Dream Trip: Wed., April 11th, 7:30 p.m.
Traveling LIGHT!: Wed., April 25th, 7:30 p.m.
20 S. Raymond Ave., Old Pasadena
Reservations requested (626.449.3220). Fee: $10
For more info, visit Distant Lands



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