Doo Dah Fun: Thx, PS!

Aug 23, 2012

Photo by Peggy Sue Davis

Last week, HP post a piece about the Doo Dah Parade retrospective coming to the Pasadena Museum of History. Peggy Sue Davis of Altadena was there to enjoy the opening reception’s festivities and was good enough to share her spoils (photographs) of the evening.

“What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: 35 Years of the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade” will be up for viewing at PMH until the middle of January. It’s wonderfully put together; a must visit if you are a fan of our local Doo Dah. Huge, remarkably stunning portraits of past parade participants hang on one wall followed by a display of costumes and tiaras of past queens; periodicals with pictures and stories about Doo Dah date back to the 70’s; and there’s even a live diorama of bystanders with beach chairs on a makeshift sidewalk, a beer cooler, beer, pom poms, flags, and a stack of tortillas ready to throw.

Thanks again, Peggy Sue!

Andrew, Duke of Doo Dah, and friend. Photo: PS Davis

Hardly going back in time at all, eh, Peggy Sue? Photo: PS Davis

No one had ever seen the face of “Claude Rains” who leads the 20-Man Memorial Invisible Marching Drill Team! (Next to a Lounge Lizard costume.) Photo: PS Davis

Snotty Scotty (center) with Doo Dah President Tom Coston (right). Photo: PS Davis

You can’t have a collection of Doo Dah-ers without some waterpistols and a tin man made out of Budweiser cans! Photo: PS Davis

These may be the most lovely, coiffed dreadlocks we’ve ever seen. Photo: PS Davis

PMH curator Brad MacNeill and the divine Miss Vicki (Laidig). Photo: PS Davis

Mark Goldschmidt and Michele Zack. Photo: PS Davis
















Introducing the next generation to the Blues Brother. Photo: PS Davis

Paddy Hurley (Mg. Dir. of Light Bringer Project) with Tom Coston, Count Smokula and FU cheerleader (whose name might be Carl). Photo: PS Davis

A member of the Hibachi Grill Team cranking up the heat of their display. Photo: PS Davis

Corky behind the bar in a recreation of Chromo’s. Photo: PS Davis

Patricia Ferber, Walter Askin, and—the “funnest” of them all—Peggy Sue Davis in the trolley car facade, which promotes the “Pacific Electric Railway: Then & Now” exhibit right across the hall from Doo Dah. (Great photographs from back in the day compared to pics taken recently in the same location)

Photo: PS Davis

And what a better way to end the evening than a moment with Blues Brother and Uncle Fester. Photo: PS Davis

This show is brought to you by the Pasadena Museum of History and the Light Bringer Project.



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