The Alphabet Starts at ‘D’

Jan 27, 2012

That’s her slogan and she’s sticking to it.

Jenette Goldstein says that she was forty years old and wearing a bra “that made me look matronly and vulgar at the same time.”

Mon dieu, that wasn’t going to do at all. Once she was enlightened to the bliss of wearing a properly-sized bra, Jenette tossed her decades-long career as a character actor (notably as the butt-kicking Marine Vasquez in James Cameron’s Aliens) and opened up a bra shop in East Los Angeles.

Now she has expanded to her second location, joining Maude Woods, The Market on Holly, Therapy, and Lula Mae as part of the Holly Street revival.

San Gabriel Valley women who enjoy, boast, bemoan or are resigned to how they are endowed can now be personally- and professionally-sized and browse through an extensive array of D-K bras, rather than hunt and fumble—becoming more irritable by the second—through racks and racks of only A-C cups.

Goldstein focuses on quality products, writing that “corsetry is comparable to shoemaking in the complexity of the product and the finesse required to produce exceptional results.”

Henry Plehn of Peter Pan brassieres said in 1959 that constructing a bra took more effort and skill than building a bridge, and that bra designers “have borrowed from the design of suspension bridges” as the “vertical supports of wire are similar to a bridge’s piers.” Take that, Joseph Strauss.

You can choose from the “Cake” collection, or maybe try a few selections from “Harlequin” or “Hot Milk.” Whatever your style, Jenette wants you feel more comfortable, stand straighter, and “rock that hourglass, honey.”

Note: many of the quotes in this post are from the Jenette Bras website. We at HP believe it to be some of the most well-written, conversational and funniest copy we’ve ever read.

Jenette Bras
18 East Holly St.
Open 7 days a week, check website or call for hours.


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  1. mel says:

    great balls of fire! can’t wait to get in there with my girls!



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