Open Mic of All Kinds, For All Ages

Nov 3, 2015

IMG_3228Joe Normal and Gigi Hutchinson never thought they’d be working together. In the same place; within the same space. Primarily because Joe is a musician and Gigi is a hairdresser.

Ah, po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Music and hair styling are vastly different arts, but they’re not polar opposites. Perhaps, they are perfect foils.

When the opportunity arose, they grabbed it. Now Joe and Gigi operate Rockin’ Rollers, the place for music lessons and hair service, located in an intimate, creative space in a renovated building complex along the creative stretch of Montecito Avenue in Sierra Madre.




On Sunday, November 8, Joe and Gigi invite kids, teens, and adults for an open mic afternoon. Not just an open mic for singers or musicians, but also for poets and stand up comedians.

The idea is for artists of all ages to have a place to perform in front of a supportive audience within their community. Open mic is planned for the second Sunday of every month.

So, hone your lyrics and practice your punchlines. What to choose? Ode, limerick, or haiku? Strum a ballad or a country tune? All are welcome. Swallow the nerves and come on out…




Open Mic in Sierra Madre
Sunday, Nov. 8th, 3:30-5:30 p.m.
Rockin’ Rollers, 38 E. Montecito Ave., #10, Sierra Madre 91024
Free event
For more info, call 1.626.355.0101
Or visit


Courtesy photo

Photo by Rockin’ Rollers


Gigi offers haircuts, blow dry, coloring, highlights, and lip and eyebrow waxing. She uses Loma organics and Marrakësh hair care products.

Joe provides instruction in guitar, piano, drums, bass, ukulele, and songwriting. He can facilitate with recording, copyright, publishing, CD releases, and digital distribution.

Rockin’ Rollers, 38 E. Montecito Ave., #10, Sierra Madre 91024. Tel.: 1.626.355.0101. Email:


Photo by Rockin' Rollers

Photo by Rockin’ Rollers





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