Gold Bug

Sep 8, 2010

It’s safe to say there’s no other store in town all of L.A. like Gold Bug, an always-intriguing, sometimes-macabre collection of art, artifacts, jewelry, decorative objects, clothing and more, all with a natural-history or Victoriana bent. Besides the regular collection, which is fascinating enough, the store also serves as an art gallery with rotating shows of works: taxidermy, bug art, “cultural debris” art and more. Don’t plan on a quick look—this place demands lots of looking time.

Staples: Gifts unlike any other, sure to get an oh-wow out of the recipient, whether it’s an ultra-ruffled Victorian-style blouse or an elegant crystal hourglass.

Don’t Miss: Jamie Joseph’s spectacular and weighty rings; the vintage watch necklaces; and all the remarkable jewelry.

We Like: The graphite objets d’art, which double as pencils; the bird art; the porcelain fruits and vegetables; and the altered books.

Gifts | 22 E. Union St., Old Pasadena | 626.744.9963,

1 Response for “Gold Bug”

  1. Mel Malmberg says:

    as an owner of a jamie joseph ring from here that never fails to get compliments, I am a huge fan of the store!!!



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