Gold Bug

Sep 8, 2010

gold bug interior Gold Bug vintage Victorian Old Town gifts ephemera  photoIt’s safe to say there’s no other store in town all of L.A. like Gold Bug, an always-intriguing, sometimes-macabre collection of art, artifacts, jewelry, decorative objects, clothing and more, all with a natural-history or Victoriana bent. Besides the regular collection, which is fascinating enough, the store also serves as an art gallery with rotating shows of works: taxidermy, bug art, “cultural debris” art and more. Don’t plan on a quick look—this place demands lots of looking time.

Staples: Gifts unlike any other, sure to get an oh-wow out of the recipient, whether it’s an ultra-ruffled Victorian-style blouse or an elegant crystal hourglass.

Don’t Miss: Jamie Joseph’s spectacular and weighty rings; the vintage watch necklaces; and all the remarkable jewelry.

We Like: The graphite objets d’art, which double as pencils; the bird art; the porcelain fruits and vegetables; and the altered books.

Gifts | 22 E. Union St., Old Pasadena | 626.744.9963,

1 Response for “Gold Bug”

  1. Mel Malmberg says:

    as an owner of a jamie joseph ring from here that never fails to get compliments, I am a huge fan of the store!!!



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