Feb 27, 2010

The sister store of Attitude in Sierra Madre, Allure is an amazingly well-thought-out store. The wide space makes room for strollers and large fashion appetites. The vibe is trendy and upbeat, with a range of clothes: fad pieces aboundALLURE WINDOW 300x225 Allure womens clothing pasadena Monrovia shops Monrovia handbags dresses boutique  photo, but you can still find something for the classic woman. With an emphasis on teens to young 30s, Allure offers everything from feminine pieces to edgy what’s-hot-now looks to satisfy an evolving taste. Check out the one-of-a-kind purses.

Staples: Like its sister store Attitude, dresses.

Don’t Miss:Ttrendy pieces-of-the-moment to spice up your look.

We Like: The non-aggressive and helpful staff. Also, the creative window displays created by the owner.

Women’s Clothing | 417 S. Myrtle Ave.,  Monrovia, 626.358.6945



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