Bailey Canyon Trail to Cabin Ruins, Sierra Madre

Jul 20, 2011

Another in our continuing series on great hikes in the San Gabriels.

5-6 miles round trip; moderately strenuous

A small waterfall splashes the mountainside atop the Canyon View Nature Trail.

Alternate: Canyon View Nature Trail

Like the popular Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain, this trail will take you winding up switchback after switchback through the San Gabriel Mountains past many a scenic lookout and to the ruins of a forgotten time. Unlike Echo Mountain, this trail is not crowded by pedestrian traffic and offers occasional shade in the heat of blazing summer days. Stop for a picnic at the stoney ruins of an old cabin and dip your toes in a nearby mossy creek after the upward march.

Once you’ve rested, continue another mile up to Jones Peak for 360 views of the valley. If you’re ready to head back down the mountain but can spare time for an extra quarter-mile hike, take the Canyon View Nature Trail on your right to a twenty-some-foot waterfall.┬áBe on the lookout for poison oak, which lines the wetter areas of the canyon.

Driving Directions: Exit Michillinda from the 210 Freeway in Sierra Madre and head north. You’ll need to make a quick left onto Colorado to find your way back to Michillinda. Turn right at Sierra Madre Blvd and left onto Lima. Take the fourth left onto Grandview and turn right at Grove. You’ll find the parking lot at the top of Grove.

Hiking Directions: From the parking lot head west on the trail past picnic benches to a metal turnstile. You’ll see a paved road. Head north on the road toward the mountains. As the road thins, you’ll come to a bridge on your right that leads to the Live Oak Nature Trail. Follow the sign straight toward the Canyon View Nature Trail instead. You’ll come to a sign pointing to the Bailey Canyon Trail on your right.




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