Aug 27, 2014

IMG_3788Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve roamed our neighborhood streets and alleyways, taken a visiting friend downtown to the warehouse district and indulged in a dog, met a friend at the Busy Bee classic diner in Ventura for a delicious BLT, felt good about the layer of dirt on our car, enjoyed some architectural detail, viewed the Selpuveda Dam Recreation Area fire, had our heart expand at a couple holding hands, and enjoyed the dramatic twilight.


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Some of the yummiest dogs on the planet. We suggest getting the works: hot dog wrapped in bacon, warmed roll, mayonnaise and catsup, grilled green peppers and onions, topped with pico de gallo and avocado.

Bacon-wrapped hot dog

Though it’s nice, we guess, to know that things like cleanliness standards are now required, the new food trucks that have sprung up around the district and Santee Alley have sanitized the place—stores have been upgraded, streets are cleaner, rules and regulations reign—meaning that the majority of the area’s character has now vanished. Luckily, in one the squares off one of the alleys, you can still find people selling ices, hot dogs, mango, and tacos out of grocery carts and even baby strollers.



We love alleys. Back fences. Back fence flowers. Dust, dirt. The cared for the and the forgotten.



Sth Pas alley




Our dirty car is now a status symbol; we’re a positive role model (believe it or not). As seen on Main Street, leaving the Busy Bee Diner in Ventura…



Lovely architectural detail, as seen as we walked to our officially approved dirty car …



On the drive home, traffic slowed because of the small wildfire at the Sepulveda Dam Recreation park. A few helicopters and tankers flew overhead, back and forth over the highway; we assume they were drawing water from the Encino Reservoir.



Knowing how hard it is to keep a relationship together, as well as to keep connected, thriving, caring, and loving—to this couple we give a tip of the hat…

old couple


Dramatic twilight…





Oh yes, we had to drop by Ikea for our once-a-year visit and we fell for a buffalo…








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