What role should the US play in Afghanistan next year?

Dec 31, 2013


US army soldiers march from the Forward Base Honaker Miracle at Watahpur District in Kunar province during a joint patrol on April 18, 2013.; Credit: MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images

According to a new, classified report by U.S. intelligence agencies, security conditions in Afghanistan will likely worsen regardless of the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

The assessment warns that insurgents could rapidly take back control of key areas and threaten Kabul as early as 2015 if troops are fully withdrawn.

Support for the continued occupation of Afghanistan is incredibly low, but will bringing American soldiers home have devastating security repercussions?

How many troops should remain to support to protect the Afghan government? What issues will the U.S. face in its dealings with Afghanistan in the coming year?


Jason Campbell, Associate policy analyst at the RAND Corporation think tank, where he focuses on issues of international security; Campbell returned from Afghanistan recently

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