Quest for Fire turns 30

Apr 1, 2011

Ron Perlman and Nameer El-Kadi tell Off-Ramp’s John Rabe about their first movie: 1981's "Quest for Fire," a landmark film about human life on Earth 80,000 years ago. Jean-Jacques Annaud's "Quest for Fire" is an actor's film. Ron Perlman and Nameer El-Kadi say their first movie was also the hardest movie shoot they've ever been on. The locations – Kenya, Scotland, Canada – were brutal, makeup consumed hours every day, filming took a year, and acting without dialogue took everything they had. But in this exclusive Off-Ramp interview, Perlman and El-Kadi say Quest for Fire, now thirty years old, was also one of the most rewarding films they've made … and it's the one their colleagues always ask about.

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