Mitt Romney’s time to shine

Aug 29, 2012


US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney disembarks from his campaign plane upon arriving in Tampa, Florida, on August 29, 2012. Credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Tonight, the Republican National Convention steadies a spotlight on its biggest star, Mitt Romney. It’s the last major chance for the Republicans and Romney to put forth their four-year plan for America to the public before the debates, so there’s obviously a lot riding on the night.

But in addition to outlining policy and highlighting President Obama’s failures, Mitt Romney has a somewhat unique challenge to overcome. Ever since he ran for president in 2008, Romney has been dogged by the perception that he is stiff, disconnected and doesn’t fully understand what it means to live as a regular citizen making a modest, let alone meager, income. The campaign is hoping that by presenting Romney’s biography in the right light, he will come across as accessible and down-to-earth enough for voters to support him.

How successful will he be? What themes and issues should he highlight to reach the widest audience? What moments from his own life could be used to personalize his campaign? What are you personally looking for from this man who is asking to be Commander-in-chief for the next four years?

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