Man shoots and kills intruder in Ontario; is it a justifiable use of deadly force?

Jun 26, 2013

How much of a threat should an intruder pose in order to justify using deadly force?; Credit: James Thompson/Flickr

Police said an apartment resident in Ontario shot and killed a man who broke into his home early Monday morning. The intruder has been identified by police as a 24-year-old Barstow man, who was drunk and mistakenly went to the victim’s apartment unit and broke into the home.

While there is no “stand-your-ground” legislation in California per se, the state does have laws in place sanctioning the use of deadly force against home intruders. The shooter is a legal gun owner. “Obviously [the victims] have the ability to protect themselves in their home with reasonable force,” Ontario police Sgt. David McBride told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. 

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