Jamming down the road: preventing cell phone use while driving, whether you like it or not

Dec 7, 2010

Even with laws on the books in several states that are supposed to enforce hands-free cell phone use in cars, we all have seen people furiously talking or typing away at their phones while driving—we all have probably been guilty of an infraction or two ourselves. There is a policy that is being kicked around by the Department of Transportation that aims to definitively settle the issue of using a cell phone in the car by installing jamming technology in every car on the road, forcefully preventing the use of a cell phone while driving. Of course these jammers would also knock out your passengers’ cell phones as well, and there’s the issue of being able to use your phone in case of an emergency. Then there’s that whole “Big Brother” thing where the long arm of the government reaches right down into your car to stop your bad behavior. But driving while distracted, usually because of cell phone usage, is a dangerous problem—is cell phone jamming a potential solution?

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