Is this the World Cup when Americans learn how to dominate soccer?

Jun 4, 2010

It’s not very often that America and its people can assume the underdog role. In any other global affair America is the perennial powerhouse, anything from foreign affairs to entertainment, the United States is usually the catalyst. Except for every four years when the world realigns its attention to the largest sporting event on the planet, the World Cup, that’s right about when the United States realigns its expectations. Analysts don’t consider them one of the world’s elite team, citing Team USA’s lack of world class player to lead them on a Cinderella run. So it seems they are going to be a non-factor again in the World Cup, except that someone forgot to tell the surprisingly confident players. Team America is relishing in its “nothing to lose” position and they are hoping to erase years of ineptitude, starting when they face-off in the opener against England. With a promising showing in the Confederations Cup last year, defeating Spain and barely losing to Brazil, it’s possible to believe that the Americans are poised for an historic run in South Africa. Or that could just be that world famous American optimism.

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