How AI is being used to help identify the next sports star

Jun 18, 2018

Sean Durzi #5 was ranked in the top 40 by an AI-powered analytics system

Sean Durzi #5 was ranked in the top 40 by an AI-powered analytics system; Credit: Dennis Pajot/Getty Images


Artificial intelligence is taking a significant role in the world of sports.

AI is using algorithms to analyze player performance statistics and identify talent for coaches and scouts. The argument is algorithms comb through data faster than humans. Now professional baseball, basketball and hockey are among the sports using AI in addition to coaching and scouting.

Teams are starting to use AI to analyze throwing speed and spin, how players move around the field, how effective they are, among other set of data. Proponents of this say this is a game changer.

So how does it work? We explain.

With guest host Libby Denkmann  


Tom Taylor, editor at SportTechie; an online publication that focuses on the impact of technology on sports; former reporter for Sports Illustrated who covered science and technology, and has written about the use of artificial intelligence in evaluating players

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