Can you see what we’re saying?: the power of the senses

Mar 24, 2010

Dogs are known for a keen sense of smell, and bats use sound to perceive their surroundings. But the human senses are pretty extraordinary as well, says psychologist Lawrence D. Rosenblum. In "See What I'm Saying," Rosenblum details the science behind the hidden powers of the five senses. He explains how our amazing capacity for perception comes from the human brain's plasticity and ability to integrate information. Human pheromones, for example, can signal a person's romantic compatibility. Also featured in the book are blind mountain bikers who use echolocation to navigate their paths and sommeliers who can pinpoint the grape variety, region, and vintage of wines. And with increased awareness and a little practice, says Rosenblum, everyone can make better use of their senses.

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