Pasadena Rotary Youth Leadership Camp

Apr 27, 2015

Thousand_Pines_Camp_CATrust Fall. Decision Dilemma. Cultural Walk. Egg Drop.

These are a few of the activities offered at Rotary Youth Leadership Camp, which was held over the April 17th weekend at Thousand Pines Camp in Crestline.

Over 300 high school juniors from Rotary District 5300 gathered for a weekend of activities and the RYL awards.

The Pasadena Rotary Club interviewed students from public and private high schools, then sponsored 10 local juniors to participate:

  • Emily O’Connor, La Salle High School
  • Juharah Worku, Marshall Fundamental High School
  • Giselle Salas, Blair High School
  • Adrian Valencia, Muir High School
  • Anthony Izaguirre, Muir High School
  • Elsy Alvarado, Muir High School
  • Kylee Sharp, Muir High School
  • Melissa Herrera, Muir High School
  • Prakash Dass, Muir High School
  • Diego Obregon, Muir High School


The Rotary Youth Leadership program has a core curriculum that includes the fundamentals of leadership, the ethics of positive leadership, problem solving and conflict management, service to the community and being a global citizen, and building confidence and self esteems. Leadership skills are nurtured by teaching the students how to develop interpersonal skills, to communicate and write more effectively, engage in public speaking, and maybe most importantly, developing the ability to listen.

At Thousand Pines, “teens learned about working in a group, cultural diversity, and discovered their own leadership style and how to work with others of various styles.”

Over 50 Rotarians were there setting an example, leading groups, leading activities, and educating the teens about community service. According to Pasadena Rotary Club RYLA Co-Chair Albert Hernandez, “It was our goal that each teen learn about themselves and go back to their high schools and implement projects that would benefit their community, in the name of Rotary.” (Pasadena Rotary Club)


Press Photo for RYLA

Albert Hernandez, Pasadena Rotary Club RYLA co-chair with Giselle Salas of Blair High School at Thousand Pines Camp, April 17-19, 2015


To learn more about the Rotary Youth Leadership program for an upcoming junior high school student, visit RYLA and Pasadena Rotary.



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