Mystery History No. 13

May 13, 2013

Mystery HistoryWhere are we? And what’s happening?

In this 1915 photo, Charlie Murray, Vivian Edwards, and cast stand in front of the Old Mill at Pasadena’s Busch Gardens in the Arroyo Seco for a scene in the film Hogan’s Aristocratic Dream.

The Old Mill still stands, although it is now on private property.

Mack Sennett brought the cast and crew to the location for production of the short film.

Here’s an excerpt from the book Mack Sennett’s Fun Factory by Brent Walker:

Tramp Hogan, with his bum “valet” Dunn, dreams he is living the life of royalty in an 18th century setting but is awakened by farmer Haye’s pitchfork.

In addition to the Old Mill, the film’s locations included the Grecian pergola…


…arroyo fountain…

arroyo fountain

…and rustic bridge.


I haven’t found a clip online of Hogan’s Aristocratic Dream. I hope it’s not lost to the ages!

Many thanks to Pasadena Museum of History and Pasadena Public Library.

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