Repair at Pas. Humane Society

Jun 8, 2014

Repair Cafe 2014Tinkers and tailors, experts and the hobbyist. Repair Cafe.

Do you have a faulty toaster or a blender that screeches instead of purées? Have a favorite necklace that’s broken clasp keeps it trapped despondently in your jewelry box? Do you grumble when you have to cut tomatoes, sawing back and forth with a dull knife on the fruit’s resistant skin; bearing down, seeing the bulge, waiting for the pop when tomato juice and seeds spray your new white linen shirt? Or has that only happened to us?

On June 14th, Repair Cafe members and volunteers brings their skills, talents, and offerings to the Pasadena Humane Society. Come get that fraying coat hem sewn up, your Nook that’s on the fritz de-fritzed, and your bicycle chain ready for summer adventures.

In the past, some Repair Cafe events have focused on a specialty, like sewing and mending, small appliances, seedling swaps, and bike and tool repair. One invention, Repair Yourself Cafe, which was held last year at the Armory, included healing practices such as yoga, reiki, Qigong, meditation, and art therapy. Repair Cafes have been held at Throop, Jones Coffee, the Alkebulan Cultural Center, the Arroyo Food Co-op, and Hens Teeth Square.

Their motto is simple: “Repair Cafe is a monthly meeting of repair people and people who need things repaired.”

Repairs are free, though “there is a piggy bank if you are inclined to make a cash donation.” People who are members of a timebank may “pay” in time dollars. We have been told that “most time banks in our area are part of the Arroyo S.E.C.O. network of time banks…so, all of them share the same pool of time dollars.”

Repair Cafe is also offering a “Really Really Free Market” with pet related items that are in good shape, including food and toys. Bring things in good condition (that) you no longer need or want. Take whatever you may want…absolutely FREE.

All remainders will be donated to the Pasadena Humane Society.

Repair Cafe
Saturday, June 14th, noon-3 p.m.
Pas. Humane Soc., 361 S. Raymond Ave.
For more info, visit event Facebook page

This is part of alternate economies, gift , sharing, and time banking. It is also just a really fun community event where people come together to learn to sharpen knives or get a consult on a computer program, pick up some free backyard fruit, listen to music sometimes, share food sometimes, and tell stories about local living being a great way to reduce carbon footprint. (Repair Cafe)

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Photo courtesy of Repair Cafe


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Photo courtesy of Repair Cafe

Photo courtesy of Repair Cafe




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