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Oct 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of Pasadena Star-News/Sarah Reingewirtz

Hopefully by now, most people have heard of Pasadena’s Go Public project initiated by Dawn and James O’Keeffe. This past Spring, they organized hundreds of volunteers to shoot 50 films—”A Day in the Life of an American School District”—all in one day. After conquering the towering hurdle of editing, the films have now been seen 14,200 times in 55 countries. The process of cutting the theatrical-length documentary has begun, and this has instigated a Kickstarter campaign to help fund post-production, marketing, and distribution.

So far, $14,001 has been raised. The goal is $25,000. The Go Public project has 8 days left.

Projects raising funds on Kickstarter only receive the monies if the goal amount is pledged. If in 8 days, Go Public does not reach their goal of $25,000, they will receive zero, nada, zilch.

Photo courtesy of Go Public

Below, you can watch just one of the 50 films (running time: approximately four minutes each). This particular one is about Abigail “Abby” Griffith, who, along with her twin brother, participates in the Spanish immersion program as a second grader at San Rafael Elementary School. The twins have been enrolled since kindergarten. Their parents don’t speak any more Spanish than what they have learned from their children, who speak fluently.

This video follows Abby throughout her day: while in class, at lunch with friends, singing at rehearsal (she has the lead in “Annie”), and singing a chorus of “Tomorrow” in Spanish before clicking off her bedroom light and saying, “Buenas noches.”

Her father responds from the doorway, “Buenas noches, mi amor.”

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