South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival

May 2, 2010

Music lovers of all ages boogied down yesterday at the South Pasadena 2010 Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk. Stages and special events were set up all over the South Pas Mission West District. Here, Los Angeles-based jazz quintet Wonk set down a vintage-inspired funk groove at the K-JAZZ stage. The ever-cool BurkeTriolo Studio provided the venue and South Pasadena Rotary Club hosted this section of the event. (Thirsty jazz fans here were even served Donati wines and Angel City brew by South Pas police chief Dan Watson and his wife Kathy!)

The free Artmobile Shuttle made it easy to check out the other venues — from emerging artists in jazz at SPACE to the Los Angeles Clarinet Choir at the South Pasadena Public Library.

Party on, South Pas!

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