Field Trip: Pasadena’s Macys on South Lake

Jan 7, 2012

Wait a minute. This picture isn’t from South Pasadena!

You’re right, I crossed the border into Pasadena for this one. I was so charmed by the multi-textured planes of this walkway, I just couldn’t resist snapping and sharing. Besides, generations of South Pasadena shoppers have ventured over to this department store on South Lake Street. It’s part of our shared history.
Originally a Bullocks and now a Macys, it was designed in 1947 by the divine Welton Becket. Becket’s design house created several other iconic Los Angeles structures. Here’s one of my favorites. And here’s another one.

Back in 2008 the South Lake store was closed for renovations. I was afraid it was going to be stripped of all charm, but instead it was thoughtfully restored and revitalized with beautiful attention to the store’s historic period details. (I’m particularly fond of the Men’s Department mural and the etched brass elevators.)
For more on Welton Becket, click here.

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