Cinema Seance

Oct 26, 2010

Is the Rialto haunted? You guys know I like to think it is. I like to think that late at night, the spirits of Chaplin, Keaton, Pabst, Hawks, Welles, Godard, Antonioni, Kubrick and Kurosawa all sit in the dark, screening each other’s movies and talking about philosophy.

“Tragedy is a close-up,” Keaton loves to say, “Comedy a long-shot.”

“Yes,” Kurosawa says. “And in a mad world, only the mad are sane.”

” Ah, mes amis,” Godard usually chimes in when things get too serious, “don’t you realize that cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world?”

That’s what I think happens. Late at night. In our beloved movie palace that sits locked up and seemingly lost.

I would love it if the Rialto served as a comfy hangout for ghosts. I just don’t want the Rialto herself to become a ghost. There’s still a lot of life left in her.

In case you missed it, you can read/see more about ghosts of the Rialto — and other places in South Pas — at my latest Halloween column and video montage at South Pasadena Patch.

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