Aug 7, 2013

Homeless-womanHomelessness looks like how I’m feeling about me. Sometimes homelessness looks like I’ve got it all together and know how to present the Diva in me to the world. Yes, a homeless woman can be a diva on a good day. Then, homelessness can feel and look like “Chicken Little” as in the tale of “The Sky Is Falling.” Homelessness will definitely change you into a bitch who won’t take no stuff and then change because your eyes soften when you see a grocery store cart being pushed by an expressionless face, and you think, “There but for the Grace of God, would I go.”

Homelessness hurts. It hurts the homeless person—not the world looking on. Homelessness sounds like fake laughter when it sees the tears of a clown. Homelessness is loneliness because even when you are surrounded by other homeless people, maybe at a party or a function, your feelings of homelessness never truly allow you to enjoy yourself because you’ve been trained to watch for that person who may try to take your purse, bus pass, or even your friendship.

by Sherrie N. Stamps
Copyright © 2013 Sherrie N. Stamps

Sherrell (Sherrie) Stamps is a keen and loving observer of the human condition who spreads her expertise to many. Her writing reveals loving insights on a topic often neglected by the mainstream. She adds much awareness about the disenfranchised, and her words give hope to many. (Bio provided by ‘Courage to Write’ leader and author Esther Bradley-DeTally.)

From Authors in Our Midst, A ‘Courage to Write’ eBook by Select Authors (2013), published exclusively by Gene Cartwright & Falcon Creek Publishing with The Pasadena California Public Library. This collection can be downloaded for free from Smashwords.

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  1. I am Sherrie’s writing teacher, and thanks to the Women’s Room, a day center with many amenities, and volunteers and incredible support and encouragement, and she wrote this from a prompt. I love it. We are a community of women who support one another – she has a job, and no time, but many doors opened for her!



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