Hail María

Dec 13, 2012

“Madonna In Prayer” by Sassoferrato

Hometown Pasadena is happy to introduce a new category—Write Here—featuring poets and writers who are in some way (as residents, employees, or guest performers) connected to San Gabriel Valley. Some contributors will be well-known, while others we hope will become well-known. We’re eager to post the works of the published writer as well as the unpublished, the veteran and the novice. We welcome the introspective, humorous, satirical, and lyrical. Most of all, we hope you will read…and enjoy.

To open this category, we’re delighted to have Luivette Resto, who read at this past weekend’s inaugural Holiday Literary Fest at the Allendale Branch Library and wrote a poem in honor of her “grandmother.”


Hail María
—for María Virginia Garcia Lozada

Because when your baby brother knocked on your door
you promoted yourself from aunt to mother without hesitation
and when cancer took your sister’s left breast
you set the table for three more children.

Hail María,
because when a ring was put on your finger you declined,
you already had responsibilities in the name of
Carmen, Diana, Norma, José, y Melba
and when an unexpected grandchild was placed on your lap
you made sure she was loved.

Hail María,
Because when your mother lost her independence
you washed her body every night
and even though your womb never felt the pain of birth
your heart felt the anguish of a parent.

Hail María,
because when you were born
you lived up to the prophecy of your name.


Copyright © 2012 Luivette Resto

Luivette Resto was born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, but proudly raised in the Bronx. Her first book of poetry Unfinished Portrait was published in 2008 by Tia Chucha Press and later named a finalist for the 2009 Paterson Poetry Prize. She is also a contributing poetry editor for Kweli Journal, a CantoMundo fellow, and the hostess of a monthly poetry reading series called La Palabra located at Avenue 50 Studio in Los Angeles. Her next book Ascension will be available in April 2013 courtesy of Tia Chucha Press.





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