Tree People, Head to City Hall Tonight

Feb 23, 2009

As readers of this site, the Star-News and the connected blogs in town know, the city of Pasadena cut down the stately ficus trees in front of Vroman’s a few nights ago. More trees are slated to fall soon. First, please read Larry Wilson’s most recent editorial here, and then read Cafe Pasadena’s post here, and consider showing up tonight (Monday) at 6:30 p.m. at City Council chambers, 100 N. Garfield Ave. in Pasadena, to weigh in during the public comment time. There are pros and cons to the situation, but there’s no doubting the sad bareness of the Playhouse District.

1 Response for “Tree People, Head to City Hall Tonight”

  1. Thank, CDB. But, I’m afraid the govt/biz super-sized combo will continue saying, “Timber”, without at least having properly maintained these type of trees. And, without giving wise, informed thought to the best replacement trees. They made an error in judgment in putting in the Ficus in the 1st place, & and now it looks like their error is being repeated in cutting them out…

    Can you imagine what they could do next? Killing off the Ficus tent of trees on Green St!



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