The Traveling World War I Exhibition

Jan 30, 2012

Do you have Groundhog Day plans? No? We do: stopping by the Traveling World War I Exhibition, which, best we can tell, is housed in a big rig that will be parked just above City Hall, on Thurgood Marshall Street. Pasadena is stop #33 on a 75-city tour, which is a lot of cities. The exhibition includes artifacts (weapons, tools, equipment, uniforms), a walk-through simulated trench, video and audio displays, and contemporary press material, headlines and the like—a lot to fit in an 18-wheeler.

The Pasadena stop will also celebrate Black History Month with an appearance by re-enactors from the New Buffalo Soldiers, an African American cavalry unit.

The Traveling World War I Exhibition
Thursday, February 2nd, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Thurgood Marshall St. (just north of Pasadena City Hall)



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