South Pas Art Crawl

Feb 6, 2012

ArtsCrawl Tree 300p South Pas Art Crawl South Pasadena Art Crawl South Pasadena Art Crawl  photoCrawling has become a popular activity for grownups as well as infants. If you are interested in trying out grownup crawling, but aren’t too keen on its most common expression—the pub crawl—then this Saturday’s South Pasadena Art Crawl may be for you. In addition to a supportive environment in which to get around on hand and knee, the crawl will have gallery openings with new paintings and prints, live music, “interactive art experiences,” book signings, and specials and sales from a number of restaurants. It’s too much info to pack into this little post; check out all the fun things to do here.

South Pas Art Crawl
Saturday, February 11, 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Downtown South Pasadena



Maude Woods - Opening October 22nd in Pasadena



Camelot and Vine