Pasadena Confidential

Aug 2, 2009

Don't be scared — it's just Crimebo the clown.

L.A.’s favorite crime bus returns to Pasadena on August 8 for more tales of mayhem and murder. If you cursed yourself for missing Esotouric’s last visit to the Rose City, now’s your chance to get in the know. These tours are to die for. (Sorry, I had to.)

Esotouric, which bills itself as “the eclectic bus adventure company,” brings its knowledge of L.A. crime to the eastside — and our beloved Pasadena is full to the brim with true crime stories, more than you probably ever imagined. Tour guide Kim Cooper says, “I believe every neighborhood gets the crimes it deserves, and Pasadena’s dark side is suitably rife with rocket scientists driven mad by their work, wealthy eccentrics coddling pet chimps and bears, seemingly respectable families misbehaving behind tall hedges and a general air of genteel psychic decay.” Of course, Crimebo the Crime Clown will make an appearance. Fascinating and creepy (both the tour and the clown).

If you can’t make this one, be sure to check out Esotouric’s upcoming season, which includes literary explorations built around Raymond Chandler and Charles Bukowski, as well as tours designed to explore particularly remarkable crimes, like the Black Dahlia.

Pasadena Confidential
Saturday, August 8 (returning Saturday, December 5)
12 noon – 4 p.m.
Departing from the corner of Fair Oaks Ave. and Arlington St. in South Pasadena
Tickets $58;



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