Fox’s Diner

Aug 3, 2014

The Foxs-AltadenaCaliforniaThe pining for diner food has been gnawing our bones for some time.

We’ve tried places here and there, but nothing quite lives up to the classic stainless steel roadside diner along the Post Road in Norwalk, Connecticut, right off I95, that we used to frequent as teenagers and then as young adults after a fun, long night of partying. Nothing like grease and carbs (and a glass of Pepsi) to help assuage a gruesome hangover.

The perfection of their home fries are branded on our taste buds…

Flash forward to life on the West Coast, Southern California, L.A. County, San Gabriel Valley, and Pasadena in particular: we’d heard several glowing reports from our teenage HP consultant about Fox’s in Altadena. So, one morning after a sleepover pickup that had to be quite early and our teenager was still a bit sleepy—unused to seeing the great outdoors before 11 a.m. on the weekend, if she has anything to say about it—and still mildly grumpy, we stopped for a “diner” breakfast.

Fox’s is bland beige stucco on the outside but has red-checked half curtains in the windows and a rather snarly looking fox on their old lightbox signage that lured us inside with high expectations. The interior is a combination of typical homey diner with a predominance of red and uninspired decor—brown carpet, small polka-dot wallpaper, photos of foxes framed and hung haphazardly on the wall—which works perfectly.

We chose a table at the front corner window that also gave us a chance to survey the room…(love the chairs)…



Despite the desire for diner grub, we were glad to see “latte” on the menu and happily surprised, upon taking a sip, that we approved (we are admitted espresso fiends; some might even use the word “snob”). For our entree, though, we went straight classic diner: two eggs over medium with bacon and sausage, toast, and home fries.

The eggs were cooked perfectly, the bacon flavorful with a bit of a bite, the bacon thick and maple-y, and the home fries with onion and green pepper had what we considered a proper amount of brown “crust,” our favorite part, and they were seasoned with more than salt and pepper, which is always a plus in our book.



For under $10 a person, we’re sure some weekend morning in the near future shall find us at The Fox’s Restaurant; next time we’ll go for the muffins or cinnamon rolls with an omelet, or if we’re closer to noon, we’ll try the Ken burger and check out their reportedly famous fries.

The Fox’s Restaurant, 2352 Lake Ave., Altadena 91001. Tel.: 626.797.9430. Hours: Daily, 6:30 a.m.-2 p.m. 





2 Responses for “Fox’s Diner”

  1. Thanks for this, Kat,

    I am a diner enthusiast myself and have bemoaned the lack-of here in our neighborhood. You ordered exactly what I would order. I’m on my way! We could have a meet-up?

  2. My desk hatchet wouldn’t break the glass – couldn’t enter the screen and scoop up the photo of breakfast; will have to get up there; delicious review!



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