Cheeseburgers: The People Speak

Jan 28, 2012

The Pasadena Chamber’s Cheeseburger Week was not without controversy—many cheeseheads in Wisconsin, where the hamburger was invented, take issue with the claim that the cheeseburger began at the former Rite Spot in Pasasdena—but no fisticuffs occurred, and the voting for city favorites went off without a hitch. Now Cheeseburger Week is over, and we must return to feeling guilty when we eat one, instead of feeling virtuous for doing our civic duty.

Here are the winners. What do you think? Do you agree? Personally, we don’t understand why Tops didn’t show up on any lists. What’s up with that?

Favorite Lunch Counter Burger:

  • Pie ‘n Burger (278)
  • The Counter (172)
  • Burger Continental (74)

Favorite Traditional Burger:

  • Pie ‘n Burger (183)
  • The Counter (138)
  • The Dog Haus (133)

Favorite Sliders:

  • King’s Row Gastropub (184)
  • Vertical Wine Bistro (176)
  • POP Champagne Bar (164)

Favorite Gourmet Burger:

  • Kings Row Gastropub (190)
  • a/k/a An American Bistro (126)
  • Vertical Wine Bistro (119)

Favorite Alternative Burger:

  • Vertical Wine Bistro (96)
  • M Local Mediterranean Cuisine (90)
  • a/k/a An American Bistro (86)

Favorite Turkey Burger:

  • The Counter (159)
  • Pie ‘n Burger (115)
  • Green Street Restaurant (104)

Favorite Pita/Armenian Burger:

  • Burger Continental (288)
  • Lebanese Kitchen (139)

Favorite Sit-down Restaurant Burger:

  • Beckham Grill and Crown Pub (126)
  • Vertical Wine Bistro (122)
  • Red White and Bluezz (121)

Favorite Ethnic Burger:

  • Burger Continental  (177)
  • El Portal (90)
  • CREPE Studio (tie) (70)
  • Yahaira’s (tie) (70)

Favorite Kobe Burger:

  • Vertical Wine Bistro (192)
  • POP Champagne Bar (166)
  • Toro Sushi (132)

Favorite Bar Burger:

  • Beckham Grill and Crown Pub (168)
  • King’s Row Gastropub (146)
  • Magnolia Lounge (132)

2 Responses for “Cheeseburgers: The People Speak”

  1. It goes w/o saying, or mentioning, that In-N-Out has the Best Fastfood Cheezeburger and the Best Cheezeburger $ for $. But, imho, the Best Cheezeburger overall is always the burger w/o cheeze!

  2. What a list! I have some eating to do! I currently favor anyone who has special offers (ie so I’ll go to Pop Champagne and Crepe Studio next. Thanks for the suggestions!
    Margaret (Twitter @csrsocialite)



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