Something new underfoot at Echo Park Lake

Mar 22, 2013

Construction worker takes a walk on new, eco-friendly pavement/Kevin Break

When Echo Park Lake reopens to the public in May after a multimillion clean up and renovation, most of the attention will be drawn to the lake, of course, and the landmark bridge, boathouse and Lady Of The Lake statute. But visitors may also want to glance down every once in a while to look at the new ribbon of pathways that circle the 13-acre lake. Instead of the cracked and lumpy dark asphalt of old, the new paths, photographed today by Kevin Break, are made from a tan-colored, porous pavement. That pavement, riddled with tiny gaps,  is not only for walking, however.

During a community meeting late last year, Julie Allen, with the city’s Bureau of Engineering, explained how the eco-friendly permeable path will play a role in collecting water to keep the lake filled:

The stormwater that lands on the pavement will infiltrate down and travel to the lake through a drainage pipe under the pavement. The water is filtered and cleaned before getting to the lake.

The new pavement will be porous enough to allow rain water to pass through but durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic. Cyclists might be tempted cruise along on the smooth, new pathways. But they better watch out. Bikes won’t be allowed to ride on the surface.

Tiny gaps in the concrete will allow storm water to trickle through into the ground. Photo by Eastsider

Pathways encircle the Lady of the Lake statue. Photo by Kevin Break

New path sweeps along the eastern edge of the lake. Photo by Kevin Break

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