Silver Lake drivers get hit with $50 driveway tickets

Feb 3, 2014

Driveway apron parking

The owners of numerous vehicles parked in driveway aprons – the sloping part of the driveway between the street and sidewalk – along Hyperion Avenue in Silver Lake were hit with parking tickets on Saturday morning. “Everyone on Hyperion between Sunset and Hoover got apron parking tickets yesterday morning for $50 each,” said Mark Mauer, who got slapped with a ticket as did at least six other vehicle owners on his block alone.  Mauer recalled that the City Council in 2011  was considering a proposal that would legalize apron parking in certain cases. What happened?

It looks like that 2011 City Council motion was never approved, according to a review of online city records.   But there still might be some hope for those who got tickets on Saturday.  Mauer’s neighbor sent him the following email after getting in touch with the city’s Parking Enforcement Department:

I just called parking enforcement and explained our circumstances and the operator confirmed that there are new officers and there have been shift changes.  She said to call the Rampart DOT and ask to speak to the [Sergeant]  …  Good Luck





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