New Highland Park coffee house pops up in an unexpected spot

Mar 2, 2015
Workers prepping the new Tierra Mia for opening day

Workers prepping the new Tierra Mia for opening day

Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK —   While new shops and restaurants have flocked to York Boulevard and Figueroa Street, Monte Vista Street has remained a sleepy side street of homes, churches and a few shops.  But the opening today of Tierra Mia, a Latino-themed coffee house,  might signal the arrival of other newcomers to the narrow street.

The new coffee house on Monte Vista near Avenue 56 is the 10th in the Tierra Mia chain founded by Ulysses Romero, a Highland Park resident who lives near the new coffee shop, where items will include  micro-lot coffees, Horchata-flavored lattes and Tres Leches muffins.

Romero said he had been looking to expand into Highland Park for a while now when a  juice and ice cream shop in the middle of the block came up for sale. Unlike Tierra Mia’s other locations on major, busy streets,  Romero said the Monte Vista store will cater to a neighborhood crowd.

“It’s within the neighborhood,” Romero said on Sunday as he prepared for the store’s opening. “I thought it would be nice to do some thing different. “It’s sort of a neighborhood spot that people can walk to from their homes.”

Will others follow Tierra Mia to Monte Vista? Stay tuned.


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