Meet the woman behind the Silverlake Flea

Mar 14, 2019
Fiora Boes

Fiora Boes | Sr. Apache Vintage


Fiora Boes has dabbled in costume design, art rentals and sales. But her passion for vintage clothing and handmade wares is what sparked the idea behind the Silverlake Flea, a hip weekly vintage and craft market in the heart of the neighborhood.

Since starting more than a decade ago as a monthly event, the market has outgrown its humble beginnings in the parking lot of Boes’ now-shuttered art gallery, Ghetto Gloss. It eventually became a weekly affair, attracted more vendors and shoppers and settled into a large playground of Micheltorena Street Elementary. As the market moves into its 11th year, it remains true to its indie roots, Boes said proudly.

Boes took time out of her schedule to talk to us about Silverlake Flea, celebrity sightings and plans to make an appearance in Joshua Tree during Coachella weekend.

How did the idea for Silverlake Flea come about?

I’ve always been a big fan of vintage. I’ve done a lot of costume design, and I’ve always been into flea markets. So I thought it would be fun to incorporate flea market elements into the new craft fair idea.

What’s a typical Saturday look like at Silverlake Flea?

It’s really a young, cool crowd, ranging from 20- something to 40-something-year-olds. There’s lots of hipster millennials, but not the annoying hipster millennial.  They’re the ones who really get it and actually have great style and great taste. There’s the Hollywood types that come by and interior designers. It’s a smart crowd, tasteful and stylish.

There’s also vintage dealers with really good deals on things like funky fun dresses, great shoes and boots and accessories for men and women. There’s dealers that have some of the coolest kids stuff too. You can also find handmade candles, and apothecary products by smaller independent lines, all organic and hand-crafted.

So, we heard you have some celebrities drop by every once in a while. Deets?

We’ve had some amazing celebrity sightings. Leonardo Dicaprio showed up and Usher. Scout Willis has also been spotted. They bought a ton of stuff, that was really cool.

Any plans to switch things up?

Last summer, we turned into a night market. It had a super cool, after-dark moody vibe to it. All the vendors had lanterns and there was a disco ball and a DJ playing music. It turned into a hangout spot for a lot of the cool kids. There’s a chance we’ll be doing it again this summer.

Silverlake Flea will be popping up in Joshua Tree on St. Patrick’s Day at the Station, a kitschy gift shop that’s insta-famous for Big Josh, the 50 Foot Cowboy Muffler Man that has become a roadside attraction. Plans are also in the works for the market to return to Joshua Tree for both Coachella weekends.

Crowd favorites?

Definitely PickPocket Vintage. He has hands-down the best vintage collection in Los Angeles. He has a 20-by-10-foot space, chock full of killer vintage. We’re doing a pop-up with Tiny Bangs, they’re next-level kid designers, kid influencers and next-level beings from another dimension. They’re stuff is super unique punk rock clothes for kids. Another favorite of apothecary stuff is the Good Witch. She’s a white witch, and she’s definitely one of my favorites. She does handmade candles, soaps, smudges, everything for cleansing and purifying.

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