Love blooms at Echo Park hospital | East L.A. yoga studio expands | More gentrification tension in Boyle Heights

Sep 17, 2018

A Roundup of Eastside News & Info

Will the pop star Katy Perry versus nun saga finally end? Where’s the new People’s Yoga studio? And what is up with a so-called rent strike in Boyle Heights? Eastsiders, your News & Notes has arrived.

Is the bizarre Katy Perry versus the nuns saga finally over?

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick said she won’t hold another hearing to consider a new trial in a real estate battle that pitted pop star Katy Perry and the Catholic church against some nuns and an Eastside restauranter who backed them.

Silver Lake businesswoman Dana Hollister purchased the former Los Feliz convent from two nuns who had lived there and hoped to create a boutique hotel on the 8-acre site. The sisters had argued they had could sell the property, but the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which sold it to Perry, disagreed and filed suit.

In the end, Hollister, who owns Cliff’s Edge restaurant and the Paramour Estate, lost the fight late last year and later filed for bankruptcy protection after being ordered to pay $15 million in damages. (During the legal battle, one of the nuns died inside the court). But earlier this summer came a settlement that will leave Hollister to pay $6.5 million  to the “Roar” singer and her fellow plaintiffs.

The judge said she will hold more  hearings to make sure Hollister is making her payments.

So when is Perry moving in?

People’s Yoga is coming to Boyle Heights

The co-founder of Eastside band Las Cafeteras along with her yoga partner is set to open up a second People’s Yoga studio in Boyle Heights next year.

Leah Rose Gallegos and Lauren Quan-Madrid started with pop-ups studios eventually opening a studio in an East Los Angeles strip mall, the first in the Eastside neighborhood.

We profiled the duo back in 2014 when they launched a campaign to open an East L.A. studio, and it looks like they have retained their philosophy of empowering neighborhoods and communities.

After becoming mothers in 2017, the two expanded their roster of family-oriented classes, including pre-natal yoga. Meanwhile Gallegos is working on a children’s album. They also plan on partnering with vegan catering company Todo Verde.

The studio: @peoplesyoga

No gentrification rally in Boyle Heights

Tenants have rights, Boyle Heights is not for sale. That’s what the signs read near the homes of two longtime residents, one of whom is Teresa Alfaro, who says she is being pushed out by a new landlord. Eviction proceedings are underway after Alfaro and the landlord failed to agree on a new lease.

Housing activist marched the streets using Alfaro’s case as a rallying cry over the steep rise in rents and gentrification in the Downtown-adjacent neighborhood. They hope to use this as a signal to other landlords, reported Veronica Miracle.

There’s been a years long fight against gentrification in the neighborhood that remains a stronghold of working class Latinos.

But it’s far from a Boyle Heights issue as rents skyrocket and more tenants are displaced, rent strikes have been popping up across the region.

A heartbreaking love story at Echo Park’s Barlow Respiratory Hospital

There’s a mountain of flowers outside Barlow Respiratory Hospital next to Elysian Park and it hints at the love story unfolding inside those walls where Stacy Title is battling ALS, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The ravaging disease has rapidly advanced. Title can no longer walk, talk or eat on her own, her husband of 27 years, Jonathan Penner, told Rachel Kim.

The two celebrated their anniversary in her hospital room. And his dream was to fill her room with flowers. But because the Echo Park facility is a respiratory hospital pollen-laden flowers aren’t allowed. So he began to put the blooms outside her window. So did her friends until her view became a colorful wall of flowers from yellow daisies to pink lilies.

“She is thrilled to see the outpouring of love,” he told Kim.

Watch the touching video. It’ll bring a tear to your eye.

News & Notes was compiled by Los Angeles-based writer Rachel Uranga

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